Some information running Grapevine on a 32 bit windows 10 machine.

Just getting a command prompt to function the way we need in 32bit windows 10 takes effort.

  • The NTVDM program is disabled by default in 32bit windows 10
    • It has to be enabled in CONTROL PANEL --> PROGRAMS and FEATURES --> Turn Windows features on or off --> Legacy Components --> NTVDM

  • UAC has to be turned off,
    • At least some of the time it isn't enough to turn the UAC Slider in Control Panel down to its lowest position and restart.
    • May have to go into RegEdit to turn off UAC
    • HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\System\
      • and either change the 32-bit DWORD value 'EnableLUA'  to 0
      • or add a 32-bit DWORD value called 'EnableLUA' and set it to 0
        • (if that value doesn't already exist)


  • Here's one we hadn't seen prior to today.
    • You also have to open up a command prompt
    • right click on the title bar
    • select properties
    • and check the box that says 'Use Legacy Console (requires relaunch)
      • and relaunch the command/cmd window


Greg Hutchings
Data Consultants