OKIDATA 320T/321T Printer Setup

To set-up the printer to print in F&I you will need to follow all of these instructions carefully and read this document completely.

The first eleven steps are completed within Grapevine F&I

Launch F&I by double-clicking the icon. After the disclaimer screen, press Enter. Ensure the system
time & date is correct. Press Enter again and you will be at the Loan Main Screen.

  1. Press O for other
  2. Press 9, 10, or 11, depending or your setup, then Enter for System Setup.
  3. Enter your System Setup password and user name, if applicable.
  4. Press Enter for User Hardware Setup.
  5. Press Enter on the next screen (you are the current user).
  6. Press Enter for Printers
  7. Press Enter for Printer Type and select Okidata 9-pin 321/521, press End
  8. Press Enter for Enable Printer Check and change to No, press End
  9. Press Enter and select #4 - STORE USER HARDWARE SETUP.If no changes were made, #4 will not be an active choice, if so, press Esc 3 times to return to main screen and skip steps 10 & 11)
  10. Answer Y to the Store All Changes message and press Enter
  11. Press Esc twice to return to the Loan Main Screen.

**This second set of sixteen steps are completed only on the printer itself, not within Grapevine F&I

The rest of the setup will be done on the printer itself using the 7 buttons of the front panel of the printer.

  1. Turn on the printer and load with paper. Make sure the lever on the right side is in the correct position.
  2. Turn the printer off. Press and hold the SEL & LF buttons on the printer while turning the printer on.
  3. Press & hold the SHIFT button then press the SEL/Menu button. A yellow MENU light should appear under the seven main buttons. If not, turn the printer off, make sure the paper is loaded and the paper selection lever is correct.
IMPORTANT: Once in menu mode, DO NOT press any buttons on the front panel unless instructed by this document. Also, if asked to press a button twice or more, Wait until the printer prints a line before pressing the button again.

  1. Press the TEAR/Set button twice

  2. Press the LF/Group button twice

  3. Press the TEAR/Set button once

  4. Press the LF/Group button once

  5. Press the FF/LOAD/Item button once

  6. Press the TEAR/Set button once

  7. Press the LF/Group button 3 times

  8. Press the FF/LOAD/Item button twice

  9. Press the TEAR/Set button once

  10. Press the FF/LOAD/Item button 7 times

  11. Press the TEAR/Set button once

  12. Press and hold the SHIFT button and press the SEL/Menu button.

  13. Remove the paper and discard.

Set up is now complete!

Please read this document thoroughly. Call Data Consultants if you have any questions.